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Recently I've started writing songs with the intention of somehow including them in a musical some day.

The Power of Now




Song 1

The night establishes its reign
And the darkness covers everything
Thoughts keep flying around my pain
And songs of heartache they sing
The loneliness just gets deeper
And I struggle mightily to live on
My will to go on becomes weaker
As I realize my best days are gone

But just before I was to end it all
A strange thought paid me a visit
Who is the I that I always call
And who is myself I can't live with
But after a while it became clear
Who is the I, who's myself
It's I who shouldn't have any fear
Myself, the ego, needs help

And then I started to watch my thoughts
And just surrender to what is
Not resisting to even tough shots
Moments threw at me and not miss
Even in the midst of pitch darkness
I embraced it without judgment
And everything that seemed so complex
I just watched them as entertainment



Song 2

For the first time in my life I embrace pain
I embrace darkness and what is uncertain
No more spending hours to figure what will
Happen in future as I've learned to be still
The past too doesn't stick around for long
I only write and sing the present's song

it's not happiness that's important for you
As it comes and goes in everything you do
Let everything just happen come what may
Only the now is always here and here to stay
For the mind is just a chapter in this story
About the human experience and its glory
The book after all is about being aware
Of big or small things in life faced with care

Even inanimate objects came alive
As I touched them I felt their being thrive
And when I got rid of time psychologically
I let things happen randomly or logically
I've learned to not to wait for anything
No summer, fall, winter or even Spring


Song 3

The world kept asking me if I was growing every way
I responded by saying my growth is where I stay

I don't run away from darkness inside or out
Whatever happens I know I will be okay

I am the consciousness that makes everything what it is
I am not my thoughts that really don't have much say

I swim through the river of endless effortlessness
Even when there is strong current I will have a good day


Song 4

See how the flowers bloom
and how the clouds gather in the sky
Let go of your thoughts that bring in the gloom
And then see you'll stop asking why
Your stillness will rule the world of chaos
Whatever happens you'll just let it be
Even with no end you'll still be joyous
The present alone will bring sanctity

The time has come to go timeless
All it takes is this moment to transmute your being
The world will not have to always make sense
You'll be at peace, a poor man or a king
Just walk towards the unknown without the urge
To find what it means and what it does
All that is needed will naturally emerge
Out of no thing, just the conscious

Get out of the prison of past and future
And enter the land of here and now
The moment right now is your best teacher
Everything happens without knowing how
As long as your being is made the primary
Your doing will follow with lot of ease
Your peace and fulfilment will go steady
Nothing to start and nothing to cease


Song 5

I don't hear anymore what my thoughts have to say
I don't struggle at all trying to keep my mind at bay
I'm aware of my awareness from a comfortable distance
Not backing away from life under no circumstance

There are no words that can sway what I am already
No situation can hold me back from my destiny
I leave my life alone and simply let it be
I look for no explanations for things that I don't see
So join us in this journey of living in the now
Without being rigid and without taking a vow
And every second, minute, hour all will come alive
When one doesn't just go on living to survive

I float on the clouds of no resistance
Hence nothing gets in my way at any instance
And when I lose anything I don't get lost
Instead I keep on being, going at no cost


Song 6

I am the silence that listens to noises
And I am peace who doesn't mind tough choices
I leave behind my past and revisit it no more
And don't stay in future not worrying what's in store
Even if there's happy thought I don't make it my king
And if a day turns sad I don't have sad songs to sing
All it takes is my breathing to find back my way
As I know I'm consciousness, not what others say

In order to rejuvenate I don't need a vacation
I just need my inner body field's sensation
I always make every second count like it were last
And I prefer to finish on time, not too slow or too fast
As long as I know sometimes I won't be present
I won't veer off somewhere where I'll always repent
The knower becomes the known and the doer the done
When one learns being in clouds, one goes beyond the sun


Song 7

Don't measure your happiness with what you have and how you feel
As everything changes with time nothing ever remains still

Truth gets created with every passing waking hour
Nothing's ever too small and nothing is too big a deal

Of we go to fighting wars whenever  our ego gets hurt
It's not our enemy but a generation that we kill

There are many answers that keep floating in the horizon
Let go of all your questions, surrender to this moment's will


Song 8

All those thoughts that linger on you don't have to follow
Just let them be where they are too deep or shallow

Even though a thought is part of experiencing what is
The consciousness is what defines who's flying high or low

An evenness will befall on those who go beyond mind
The mood goes beyond excitement and all that is mellow

If a thought dissipates within the mind, that makes the mind stronger
If anything avoids consciousness in the end it will ring hollow


Song 9

Don't keep waiting for the next moment to arrive
Or you'll keep waiting your whole life to survive
All that which keeps coming relentlessly
Just take care of the now and let it  be
The sun may shine or the clouds will appear
Just walk towards your destiny without fear
And keep up with the consciousness all along
And see how you won't have to always stay strong
When I know I'm tired then I am  not
When I know I've nothing everything then I got
When I see the blue sky looking down at me
I simply smile at it quite nonchalantly 
My thoughts keep coming back so I can react
But instead I let them be and make a pact
That they may visit my mind all they want
But not expect me to follow them every front


Song 10 

When I wake up I greet the sun like I'm seeing it for the first time
Just like the words in a poem don't take much effort to rhyme

I stay formless in the midst of so many forms that surround the world
And I stay timeless even beyond that which is considered prime

I let the answers come when they may without going after them
And I let ordinary moments turn into extraordinarily sublime

Start by taking a little break from your thoughts that run you over
Go back to following your breathing going in and out sometime


Song 11

Don't let go of a single moment without acknowledging it just the way it is
Once you stop questioning your whole world opens the ordinary will soon turn into a bliss

Just be there totally without resisting and see how that moment transmute your life
There will be nothing to look for and there will be nothing at all to miss

Don't ever label any thoughts or feelings as they come and go in your mind
Then you will never judge why that happens or want to know what is this

Feel the field of energy of your inner body as you go about your entire day
Dwell in the moment, don't stay in the future and don't go back to Atlantis


Song 12

The pain body gets awakened and then we lose our way
Not realising all we need is listen what it has to say


The only solution to the madness that engulfs the whole world
Is not blocking the natural way of what happens every day

It's in consciousness where you belong as you go on through the day
Don't worry what your thoughts are and how long they'll stay



Song 13

Just remember to go beyond time, forms and names
You'll then be more attuned to life, there'll be less games

The one who surrenders to one's breathing is the only winner
It's not the one who complains and not the one who blames

When there's no urge to own anything there's after all no fear
There's fear only in losing something that may go up in flames

It's more enlightening to journey than reaching the destination
You are the target that is aimed you are the eye that aims


Song 14

Don't you take your thoughts too seriously as they are not you
Just watch them and then smile at them and let them just pass through

The now is the only instance where your whole life unfolds
No one knows what the future holds and where we're going to

Sometimes what may seem uncertain may end up your best bet
Whatever may seem obvious may not at all be true 

Let go of all your asking why things happen in your life
Hold on to your consciousness in everything that you do


Song 15

I won't hold on to time, identity, fulfillment
I'll just dwell in the energy field of the present

After searching for many years I was told by a wise man
Don't look for any permanence in the impermanent


All I have to do is surrender to life's endless patterns
There'll be days filled with joy, there'll be days when we lament
Right now is how you interpret everything that life gives
Not what you'll mean tomorrow or yesterday what you meant


Song 16 

There are many doors through which you may enter the power of now
You may follow your breathing, you may stop asking what, why and how

"Leave life alone and simply let it be"  says  Eckhart Tolle
Just only take the path that life would in the end allow

There is this even kill that will accompany wherever you go
Never will you walk with arrogance, nor to everything will you bow

Once you realise nothing happens outside of this  framework 
Life will fulfill promises that count without taking a vow


Song 17

Be wherever you are, don't look forward or back
Then see how everything is back on track

When others get mad, let their madness pass
You'll then find there'll be nothing to attack

This moment is life, life is this moment
It's as simple as anything white or black

When you ask and listen with consciousness
You'll have more folks who will cut you some slack


Song 18 

I'm walking down the road carrying the present all along
Who knows what tomorrow brings, to yesterday I don't belong

All we have to do is be aware the dance of forms everywhere 
It's not about being right or falling short and being wrong

As I get to know more of myself it's others that I know more
And I get to sing no one else's but my own sweet old song


Song 19 

There are so many stories that were once told and there will be many chances we'll have in store
But now is the time when we can make things happen so let all our consciousness feel free to soar

Why is this moment not as good enough as the next as we go on our day chasing all that isn't
Don't let sweet life pass you by without living it to the fullest like you have never lived before

Resist not whatever comes from your conditioned past even if they bring you out of your comfort zone
Welcome in every thought that wants to pay a visit without looking who is coming in and out of that door

There are storms we will face as we journey on in life in the middle of afternoon or in the dark of night
Once we make this mighty ocean our forever friend without any effort we'll reach the shore


Song 20

A moment is born and I am right there with it
Sometimes it may be dark, sometimes well lit

Why follow the voice in your head incessantly
Let life take care of everything as it sees fit

My rhythm doesn't change even if I speed up
Even when resting my awareness doesn't split

I don't look for gratification in the unmindful
It's with the wonder of the present that I get a hit



Song 21 - The Power of Now

It's life that I cater to and not its situation
I just let all my problems find their own solution

Once I make this moment my enduring friend
There will be whatever is and no desperation

I never give up the now for the unknown future
And always keep alive my inner filed's sensation

I'm always ready for whatever comes my way
It's up to me for me to choose gloom or elation


Song 22 

Why don't you surrender to everything that happens
Instead of being in the way when the rhetoric sharpens

Just know how many steps you've taken, how many breaths
When you know yourself fully your love for others depens

As the consciousness takes over we'll fill our days with joy
Every foundation on top of which we build strengthens

Make sure your every moment is met with your consciousness
Or the gap between what is real and what is not widens


Song 23

You may try and take me away from every moment
But my ego I won't let go of holding on to the present

The world will keep challenging me in every step I take
I'll break through with awareness with or without its consent

I truly listen when others speak going beyond mere words
I try and see them who they are, not just their mind they represent

Nothing gets moving in unconsciousness and nothing then survives
Everything  gets done with consciousness with very little time spent


 Song 24

Enter the now all the time everyone and see how everything falls in place
Doesn't matter even if the day brings clouds the sun will too make a strong case

Once you stop gathering the remnants of time a whole new world will be born
The future will not matter any more, the past won't leave a single trace

Look at people the way they are, don't bring any preconceived notion
Just go beyond words of people you meet and also go beyond their face

Keep a steady pace in everything you do, don't take it too slow or fast
When all is said and done it's not important who in the end wins the race


Song 25

Truth is not what you seek as it is right in front of you
Created by every moment that keeps passing through

Go on in this journey like the present is all you have
Doesn't matter if many comes aboard or if it's just a few

Let our past stay over there. There's no need to bring it back
What will happen tomorrow no one really has a clue 

Don't get attached to any form that is but an illusion 
Just keep expanding your present and time won't catch up with you










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