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In the aftermath of September 11th, Amira, an Arab Muslim woman, tries desperately to find out about her husband who had been wrongfully taken away in the middle of the night.  In the process Amira is forced to rediscover herself.




Hassan and Saila were in their deep sleep when the phone rang and woke them up. At first Hassan couldn't tell what time of the night it was. It was three o'clock.
"Sorry Hassan to wake you up this late at this hour, but it's emergency," said Amira on the other line.
"What is it, what is it?" Hassan asked.
"They came to our house and took Ali," said Amira between spurts of sobs.
"Who took Ali?" Hassan wanted some clarifications, as he still was trying to wake up.
"They identified themselves as the FBI, " replied Amira.
"Let us come to your house, and then we'll talk okay, " Hassan told Amira.
Hassan and Saila rushed out of the house. The October wind started to pick up. That night was even chillier than the usual Wisconsin cold. While driving to Amira and Ali’s house, Hassan began wondering about his own fate. Would Saila be the next one to call another friend to tell them what will have happened to him. What would they do if they were to take Hassan next. What would happen if he couldn't get in touch with Saila and Sameer from wherever they would take him. How long would they hold him? For what would he be charged? Hassan never felt this fearful and uncertain of things before. All he kept thinking of was his family.

"Sorry for troubling you this late at night!" said Amira as she opened the door.
"Please don't say that Amira. I know you and Ali would do the same for us" said Saila in a calm voice.
"So did they have any warrant against Ali, " asked Hassan.
"No. That's why it really concerns me," replied Amira.
"They cannot do that. Don't they have to have an arrest warrant to pick someone up?" interjected Saila.
"As they now say, we have to see things in two ways; pre and post nine eleven, " Ali tried to reason.
"I don't think there is anything to worry about, Amira. I'm sure he’ll be released if not tomorrow, soon," said Saila as she gave Amira a hug.
"I really hope so," said Amira with tears in her eyes.
"Saila, why don't you stay with Amira tonight, " said Hassan.
Amira couldn't hold back her tears any more. She started crying uncontrollably. Maybe she had just realized the magnitude of the matter. For a fraction of a second, the worst-case scenario came to her mind. What if she didn't see her husband ever again? It's like one of those thoughts that even though they come and go, they stick with you for a long time. What would she be telling his parents back home when they call.

Saila stayed over for the night while Hassan went back home. However, no one could go to sleep that night. It was a night of deep fear and uncertainty.

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