Ahmad’s poetry tries to cover a large spectrum of the conscious and the subconscious. From nature to nurture, his poems touch upon the ultimate beauty that nature brings to human trials and triumph. Following are some of the poems from the two published books.

Wandering Thoughts


The Promised Land

The Promised Land doesn't come every day
It comes occasionally when people aren't watching
When no attention is warranted
In their sleep it comes
And in the dark alleys of freedom
Where people are alive
Rather than living
Living rather than dying
Born in the eyes
Of the wannabes
Holding on to others' truth
Not theirs

The Promised Land doesn't come every day
To the downtrodden it comes every day
The land as far as Santa Maria's dream
Of setting off for the 'New' World
Following the mixed-up senses
Of wanting more than half a loaf
Where hunger doesn't give in
Neither does their sense of pride
Money has its way of going about
The most intimate one on one inner voice
We buy the money and ourselves
And always remain broke with it unspent

One day passes by

One day passes by
With so many years lost
The past, present, future die
At a heartbreaking cost

One day passes by
With many a home broken
With deep agony they cry
Yet we remain unshaken

One day passes by
With headlines and stories
Civilization needs to satisfy
Itself with others' worries

One day passes by
Just like another day
We don't even try
To listen to what others say

The oppressed ones

The oppressed ones
Forced down on their knees
In their own place
Their master holding the keys
Their food also held
And so is their sanity
Day in and day out
Getting accustomed to humanity

The oppressed ones
Getting axed due to belief
That is no having 'their' belief
There's just no relief
The 'invisible' hand demolishing
Every sign of religion's life
Be it in the dark or at light
In this made up strife

The oppressed ones
Their source uprooted
From their strong history
And their lives looted
No going back nor ahead
Hanging in their thinning hope
They call the Giver
For his saving rope

The oppressed ones
Going deeper into quicksand
Of their endless terror
Orchestrated by the big hand

That plays its own game
With its own rules
Claiming it's the one who's lame
Then handling 'terrorist' tools



Somewhere in the living planet
Lies this dying nation
We do know its state
We do know the solution


Somewhere in the fading love
Vanishes what we treasure most
Stop the blaming on the dove
We are the guest and the host

Somewhere in one's belief
Live the strong, unbending ties
The consequence is one's relief
Of duty to defend their cries

Somewhere amidst the killings
Perhaps a child's plea will be heard
And it might even touch our feelings
Even if our 'burdens' aren't spared


The broken glass slashes through the pain
And tears it open
It finds in it more pain
And then more layers of pain
Then splashes out the hollow black box
With no clue to the senses' crash
It continues its bloody intrusion
And discovers a tragic dream
Of badly beaten-up childhood
Driven by the satanic chauffeur
Lastly it cuts open the boredom bug
That lies crushed with pain's heaviness
Hear me, hear me says the bent mind
To the black tunnel of uneasy visions
Reality checks in the hotel of complaints
And stabs the visions with the knife of falsity
And shows off its uncanny familiarity
With Hazy fantasies and its lazy allies
The pain dies at an old age
But so do the premature moments

Are you really the Superpower?

Are you really the Superpower
You claim to be
Are you really the tallest tower
Standing up for humanity

Do you carry with you peace
Within and without you
And could you ever case
To only listen to few

How do you juggle priorities
Is is with guns, F-16s and missiles
Are those your only realities
Where nothing heals, only kills

Are you thinking of a home in space
When you don't have 'em enough down here
Or is it just winning the lost race
Being bold at the expense of others' fear

The unspoken

The unspoken, yet heard
Miles and miles away
In human senses captured
There is no say

The unspoken, but seen
Pictures telling thousand deaths
We remain forever in between
Winning only cowardice's wreaths

The unspoken, yet felt
Embellished in selfishness
We, in the guise of hope, melt
In the pot of evil's darkness

The unspoken, the dying
Waiting for a holocaust
We do hear the crying
Next moment they're lost


The Beauty of the Lonely, Bare


The clouds they paint the sky with gray

The trees don't have a lot to say

And the leaves hang on with pride

The know thye'll die but never hide

The colors which bring to their end

For which there's nothing to defend

As I fight to walk my way

Through the windy, rainy day

I look for someone just to share

The beauty of the lonely, bare

And I see people walking by

In haste, but I just wander why

Their sprits are linked to the sun

For when it's gone their day is done

But if they knew what little time

They have to make their poems rhyme

They'd write their poems but wth ease

And face the gray skies in a breeze


The Beauty of the Crimson Skies


The sun gives light but for a while

The moon has short nights too

But you and your eternal smile

Forever  will shine through

Through the years that fade with time

And through the boundless space

Your soul and spirit - so sublime

Will win the vital race

The beauty of the crimson skies

May bring in one's eyes tears

But a stare in your eyes

Makes a glimpse a thousand years

To know you is to live fully

 With you always in mind

Your inspieations touch me truly

My life it helps me find





Coming Closer


A beginning

A beginning has begun with opened doors
A brand new game with brand new scores
Yesterday has met its good friend past
And decided to stay with it and make their bond last
It's now or never when it comes to the present
For once it's gone you can only repent
For the things you could have started and done
Only if you slowed down even on the run
A beginning has begun with life changing turns
Choose any path and it may lead to burns
But not choosing one, you'll wither away
In indecisions and then disarray
A beginning has begun to renew our pledge
To follow through even if on the edge


So what if I let go of what I have
And lose everything
My sense of security
Intertwined with my need
To keep things undisturbed
And my fear of getting up
And not hugging the comfort
That always refuses
To deal with the out of the ordinary
Things don't get better or worse
It's our heartbeat
That speeds up or slows down
Through our inability and reluctance
To accept pages and chapters of life
The way they are
Instead we stand in our own way
It's always others’ way
And never mine
That "ought to enter"
The cleansing process of change

There are no roads that I can't take

There are no roads that I can't take
And no mistake that I can't make
As long as I extend but within my reach
I won't avert lessons trials teach
There are no dreams that I can't tame
And yet no excuse way too lame
I am within and without love
And am at peace like the clouds above
There are no roads that I can't take
For my and for others' sake
I may wake up with the sun in my eye
Or lie down under the wide open sky
But it's I who chooses when to sleep
And when to wake up with nothing to keep
There are no roads that I can't take
As my resolve to evolve doesn't shake

Go on I must

Go on I must on the road of life toward the finish line
And not look back at yesterday, and face all rain or shine
When people ask me where I'm now on this journey's path
I tell them I'm in my present, out of time's great wrath
Go on I must through bumpy roads and through smooth sailing
And hold my head high at all times in succeeding, failing
Others may join me or they won't in this running train
But I must hold on to my rein even in trying pain
Go on I must with others in mind, not for me but them
And work in team and yet I'll play my own part in this game

I still can walk

I might be crippled but I still can walk
Even if I were dumb, I'd almost talk
Love might numb me but I opt to grow
Only the big picture I learn to follow
I might be blind but I still urge to see
There is meaning in everything around me
And with my struggles comes my relief
Painstakingly long or comfortably brief
I might be crippled but I still look ahead
To a bright and better future instead
Of seeing today in its worst ever light
I won't ever go down, not without a fight
Through my broken lens I see a new day
And gift myself a smile along the way
Even with shortfalls in every route
I'll find water where there's a drought

When there is no way, there is one

When there is no way, there is one
Where there darkness looms, out comes the sun
When despair outpaces you, just take it slow
From restless living take a bow
If there is hopelessness, reflect inside
And count your blessings and take pride
In His creation, second to none
His inspirations never outshone
Where there is no way, there is one
Even if it's not written in stone
Just try to see, its' already there
It's your life, you must prepare
The eternal will outlast all
Comedy and tragedy, big ones and small
So never let your awakening down
Or with it your purpose will soon drown
When there is no way, there is one
As the journey of time commits a dawn

Better days

Your life has begun, oh little one
There'll be days with sun undone
But better days are never far
Just play your childhood like who you are
Yes, better days will reach you
Even sooner than it's due
The stars will shine brighter
And your dreams will be lighter
And fairy tales will be no more
Reality will have magic in store
This life is more than the daily cries
For her who stumbles and yet tries
To dig for love and a mindful cause
And knows that only death can pause
All these endeavors that touch you
And every obstacle one trudges through
Your life has begun, oh little one
You'll see your trying days outrun
I've come closer
Even though the day seems long
I reckon I've come closer
I've been beaten at every game
Yet I'm not the loser
It's Allah that holds a place for me
That which is mine alone
When I try, stagger save hope
I'm left here on my own
I see I've come closer
To the day I'll let it be
I accept I've come closer
Present even in triviality
Through being listened to
And being turned away
My outlook will examine both
An auspicious and a dismal day

I'm tired and yet refreshed

I'm tired and yet refreshed
Knowing the inevitable is coming
Whether I make the most of the departed
Or choose to hold on to lamenting
It's all up to me
I choose to be ecstatic
Even with the birth of futility
Life always remains static
It's we who are changing
And are constantly in need of attention
That has conditional written in its lining
Yet keeps on gaining traction
I'm tired and yet refreshed
Being the one not defiant
To life's own course of getting started
And ending processes with no argument


Poem written on the passing of Dadee


The house that longed for your arrival

Sits as if it's still waiting

For you to come and cast your warmth

In every room, in every being


The bedroom that you rested in

Is restless to embrace

Your peaceful presence and your charm

And your endless grace


The game shows that roared 'cross the room

Are silent, no more dice to roll

No cheerful winner, nor big smiles

No paused heartbeat and no drum roll


The sun shines bright for you to dry

The clothes that hung across the lawn

The back door remains wide open

For your swift, yet calm return


The warm supper smell still holds strong

In the kitchen that you reigned

Your eager appreciation

Still remains, in my heart, chained


Though you're gone, the house still holds

All your bright delightful days

That'll stay forever more

You'll remain there always


What hast thou sown

What hast thou sown, oh ignorance
But seeds of hate and terror
And destruction of all good
With no faces on the mirror
Hatred in the name of God
And hatred for one's race
The time has come for us to see
What triggers this disgrace
The time has come for Jihad
Against all evil acts
From killing of the innocents
To judging with no facts
What hast thou sown, oh ignorance
But seeds of blinding love
The human factor is best felt
When push changes to shove
'Tis not a religion that
Turns gold back to stone
'Tis not knowing what it says
And acting on our own