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Other Interests


Have always been fascinated with the world of bodybuilding. From Arnold to Flex, the amount of dedication and hard work required to reach that level is indeed inspirational. The training not only requires discipline but also a tremendous sense of drive that makes every hour involved seem worthwhile.



Exploring new adventures play a significant role in bringing excitement in life. The journey just needs to be started without always thinking about the destination!



Running the marathon is much more mental than I had initially anticipated it to be. I feel that the body is always capable of going beyond as long as the mind is comfortable with it. Making the mind comfortable is the biggest hurdle, and then the rest follows with ease. It was one of the most thrilling moments of my life when I finally could run past the Finish line of the 26.2 mile race

Crossing the finish line

Martial Arts

Started training in Shotokan Karate under Sense Fessaro in Minneapolis. Later began training in Tae-Kwon-Do under Grandmaster Roh at the Swong Moo Kwan School of Tae-Kwon-Do in Minneapolis where the black belt was earned in October 2000. Here also, the mental setup and resolve were found outweighing the physical prowess required to achieve the goal.

Breaking demonstration on the day of the black belt test.


Toyed around with few drones before recently looking into the Hover Camera which I'm using to take photos and videos (like the ones  below).

Nothing beats keeping a soccer ball in the air!

It's way over my head

Turning the backyard into a driving range!

Off I go!

Life is all about juggling different things at different times!

An excellent way to practice tennis!

I guess I like keeping a shuttlecock up in the air as well!

An interesting way to improve one's form in cricket!


Recently developed quite a liking for golf - both outdoor and indoor!

Playing few holes with help of a simulator at Golf X in Woodbury!

A compilation of videos of all of my fun activities

The year 2019 somehow gave birth to instances for me to try out some new activities. Had nothing but fun.

A New Adventure

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